An Under Counter Water Filter Purifies Your Drinking And Cooking Water While Staying Out Of View

As water quality becomes more and more of an issue every day, the advantages of under counter water filters become clearer. Numerous studies indicate that tap water is generally inferior to filtered, and some of the main pollutants are the very things humans are introducing into the water supply.

Years ago the most common type of under counter water filters were those that used a reverse osmosis process, which filtered out minerals and other naturally occurring deposits. In more recent years, however, scientists have realized that those elements are actually a vital part of human health.

Under counter water filters that use a sedimentary system also fall short of the mark. This type of filtration removes sand and other large particulates which, while it is helpful, does not begin to address the problems wrought by humanly introduced chemicals such as chlorine, agricultural pesticides and fertilizers, and household cleansers.

The only type of under counter water filter that removes these harmful and potentially carcinogenic chemicals is the activated carbon filter. These filters are designed to trap the substances by bonding with them chemically. They are becoming more common and can even be found in the pitcher style systems. Ultimately, however, pitchers are cumbersome, more costly in the long run, and inconvenient. The under counter water filters, once installed, can be forgotten for six months before they need any time, attention, or labor. At that time, a simple, five minute process changes the filter and you’re good for six more months.

Using the under counter water filter is also a much cheaper and more effective solution than buying bottled water, too. Bottled water is only required to be as good as tap water, not better, so those who are buying bottled brands to protect their health and bodies are operating under a fiction that has been encouraged by the bottled water industry. Even the FDA and the National Resource Commission agree that bottled is no more than glorified tap water.

Under counter water filters require a little work to install, but no more than a few turns of the screw and tightening of the joints. They are designed to be simple, and they have improved so that they maintain good water pressure. Even with the cost of replacement filters, they cost less then ten cents per gallon of water, too.

Besides under counter water filters, shower water filters are another important addition to a family’s quality of life. The EPA has measured the amount of gaseous chlorine, called chloroform, and found that most households have a measurable amount of it in the air of the home. This is a known toxin and carcinogen, and it is known to dry skin, hair, and cause or aggravate asthma and other breathing difficulties.

Since our bodies are seventy percent water and since drinking water standards are unlikely to change anytime soon, it’s up to individuals to protect themselves and their families. An under counter water filter is an excellent solution. Quite simply, an activated carbon system is the most beneficial way of ensuring superior water quality as well as great taste.