Clean Sweep: Banish Those Health-Robbing Goblins

It was an eye-opening week. From leading the workshop, “Kick Sugar To The Curb,” to navigating the frenzied New York City real estate market, to understanding from business guru Fabienne Fredrickson that I’ve outgrown my website, it was a busy, busy week.

My Aha! moment, though, was inspired by the women in “Reclaim Your Body, Love Your Life: A Women’s Course For Lasting Change.” Now into our third week of the 8-week program every woman came to this group with her own health “wish list.” Each session, designed to combine a nutritional component with a lifestyle component, encourages “breaking out the broom” to sweep up the dust bunnies in personal wellness — nutritional, physical, mental, career, financial, at home, and in relationships. In essence, we break everything down and then rebuild those areas that have been gathering dust and gook.

In fact, here’s what one participant wrote to me via email on Saturday: “Thank you again for creating this workshop it is life transforming. In only two sessions I feel as though I have made huge inroads in changing aspects of my life that were unhealthy and unproductive and I am learning so much in such a short time… “

The truth is, I learn even more than my clients.

Everyone in the group had a rough week. For example, one woman arrived with a boot on her foot after being diagnosed with a fracture. Another was out of state caring from her mom. A third woman moved her family into a not-quite-renovated apartment. Everyone seemed to have a story. How easy would it have been to say, “It’s Friday night, I’ve had a hard week, the last thing I want to do is go put my health under the microscope. I’m going home?”

The amazing thing? The thing that blew me away? Everyone showed up!

This is the face of commitment. Not only did they maintain the integrity of the group -because without even one person it would have been a different group, and the group relies on all the members to be there – but each woman honored her word to herself. That is powerful stuff!

By showing up, for themselves and for each other, each woman left the workshop a) feeling better than she did when she arrived b) happier than she did when she arrived c) less stressed than she did when she arrived d) and pleased as punch that she took care of herself. At the end of the day… a person that keeps their commitments to themselves (and changes their relationship with time) will be healthier and happier. End of story.

The fact is, that with commitment, each woman is creating tremendous change in all realms of her life — from the inside out. And while I lead and guide by actively listening, and asking “high-mileage” questions, it is the client who has to be present and open. It is the client who chooses what they will accept and change. And then… they act on it. This is all about their commitment. I am simply the conduit.

As I sat listening to their breakthroughs, a result of our creation of individualized, step-by-step plans, I thought to myself, “What about my dust bunnies?”

These women have inspired me to create a healthier version of me. As they come face-to-face with all the dust bunnies that they have swept under the rug, I come face-to-face with mine too.

I am truly grateful for the gifts these women have given me.

It’s all about commitment.