Health Advantage Insurance – Does Having Health Insurance Put You at an Advantage?

The debate about whether or not there is a health advantage insurance provides you with is a timeless one:

Are those people who have health insurance healthier than those who don’t?

Not necessarily. There are people who go through life managing their health properly through nutrition and exercise. They clearly have a health advantage; insurance plays absolutely no role in keeping them healthy.

On the other hand, there are those people on the opposite extreme, who suffer from a chronic medical condition which requires a great deal of costly medical care. Insurance is the only way they can afford to maintain any type of health advantage. Insurance is a necessity for them.

So here we have two extremes: Healthy people who are fortunate enough to take care of their own health and who don’t need health insurance in order to remain healthy and fit. And we have people who unfortunately are battling chronic health issues, who, if they did not have health insurance, would not have been able to maintain their health under control.

In terms of health advantage, insurance can basically be classified as a “necessary evil”. You may not want it. You may not even need it. But it’s there for when you need it.

If you rarely ever get sick or rarely ever need to go to the doctor, you may feel that paying those monthly premiums for health insurance is a big waste of your money. But if you are in frequent need of medical care, then medical insurance is something you cannot do without, whether you can afford it it or not.

Should the government mandate everyone to get health insurance? In those countries where health insurance is guaranteed by the government, are those people at an advantage over people who live in societies where you must pay for your own health insurance?

If you live in the United States, you may very well know that the cost of healthcare here is among the most expensive in the world, while the quality of healthcare is severely lagging behind other nations.

In the United States we have the freedom of choice. But does the person who needs health insurance really have a “choice”?