Is Your Family’s Health Affected by Reverse Osmosis?

Today in the US it is quite common to see companies advertising their home reverse osmosis systems. These companies are promoting health through reverse osmosis. The question is whether there is any fact in this.

We all know that drinking healthy water has positive effect on our health, but it is not necessarily true that you can promote health through reverse osmosis. Don’t believe me? Then read on.

If you are under the impression that you can be healthier by drinking water filtered by a home reverse osmosis system, then you need to know that reverse osmosis does nothing to block out chemical contaminants like chlorine, pesticides or other carcinogenic chemicals. Not doubt that the home reverse osmosis systems filter elements that give bad odor or taste to water, but while doing this the systems also remove trace elements and minerals which are healthy and required by our body.

The water that comes from our taps is chock full of chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and thousands of other harmful chemicals. It is these chemicals that pose major threat to our health. Home reverse osmosis systems are more attuned to removing particulate matter from our drinking water, which is nothing but dirt. And we all know that the water coming out of taps does not contain dirt. However, if you are getting your water from a stream or lake, you might need a reverse osmosis system. Even then you will not be able to attain better health through reverse osmosis systems.

The factor you need to take into account if you want to invest in a reverse osmosis system is whether it can effectively eliminate bacteria from your tap water. Reverse osmosis systems are notorious for not having any effect on bacteria and thereby do nothing to disinfect your water.

So, if someone tells you that you can have better health through reverse osmosis system, he or she is talking for the sake of talking or for promoting his or her reverse osmosis system. Besides investing a tidy sum on the system, you will be spending a lot of money on electricity. In addition, you need a plumber and an electrician to complete the installation in your home. But if you are health-conscious, you will then invest further money in getting additional filtration systems like an ion exchange, micron filtration and/or carbon filtration. These different filtration systems can ensure better health.

This should clearly prove to you that you cannot promote better health through reverse osmosis system. There are many other filtration systems in the market that work much better than home reverse osmosis systems. In fact, these systems can protect you and your family from waterborne diseases and are far cheaper than reverse osmosis systems. All you need to do is make an effort to find a filtration system that is perfect for you and your families health requirements. Do not be fooled by vendors claiming to have state-of-the-art reverse osmosis systems. You cannot jeopardize your families health under any circumstances.

Your Best Health Under the Sun by Al Sears, MD And Jon Herring

The authors have tackled a controversial subject, one not addressed in other alternative health books. According to them, one factor making Americans less healthy is not just poor diet, pollution and lack of exercise — it’s a deficit of sunlight.

They build a powerful case that sunlight is healthy for us in many ways. The most well-known is that it’s the action of sun on our skin that is our source of Vitamin D, a vitamin far more important to our health than it’s generally given credit for. Supplementation with artificial forms of this vitamin in our milk and other foods is no real substitute for the real thing.

The list of benefits of Vitamin D is on page xii of the Preface, and it’s a long one starting with helping to prevent 17 different kinds of cancers, going to reducing the risk of heart attack and ending with preventing bowel and inflammatory disorders.

One strong indication that they may be on to something is the charts they publish listing countries in order of latitude (distance from the equator) and their death rate for breast and colon cancer.

There appears to be a strong correlation between distance from the equator (north, meaning people living in that country get less sunlight) and death rates of those cancers.

They also include a map of just the United States, showing that death rates from prostate are higher the farther north you live.

Plus, they point out that cancer death rates for African-Americans are higher than for whites, and say this could be due to their skin pigmentation, which blocks the absorption of Vitamin D from sunlight. Therefore, African-Americans need to spend more time in the sun to get the same health benefit.

They claim that we need more Vitamin D than the standard “your face in the sun ten minutes a day” advice. The more the better.

Part of the problem is simple geography. The farther north you live, the less sunlight you can be exposed to — especially during the winter months.

While you can’t do anything to change that (short of moving to the tropics), the standard medical advice to stay out of the sun and to put on sunscreens just makes your situation worse.

And what about skin cancer? There’re three kinds: Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Malignant Melanoma.

The first two comprise 95% of all cases of skin cancers, yet only 25% of skin cancer deaths. They’re easily treated. And they are associated with skin damaged by excess sunlight — that is, sunburn.

The authors advise getting more sunlight, but not so much that you burn your skin. Take it easy until you’ve built up a protective tan. This prevents sun burns, which do damage your skin and could eventually result in skin cancer.

The kind which is the real problem is malignant melanoma and — guess what — people get that in places which do not get sunlight, such as the bottoms of their feet. And, interestingly, a sun tan may protect you from this scary kind of skin cancer. Studies show that people who work outside have lower rates of malignant melanoma than office workers.

If the authors are correct, sun screens not only block healthy sunlight from your skin, they contain ingredients that may cause skin cancer.

This is meant as a popular book. I for one would like to see the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) do a full, comprehensive statistical analysis of how the death rate of many different diseases correlates to latitude.

Right now, anyone choosing to dispute this book can simply say that perhaps the authors “cherry-picked” their death by cancer.

Also, how can we someone factor in the rate of infectious diseases, which are still high in the developing countries that tend to be clustered closer to the equator?

And there’s two major gaps. The author don’t discuss tanning salons. I suspect they are not a healthy alternative to real sunshine, but I don’t know their position.

They recommend leaving off sunglasses so our eyes benefit from sunlight — but what about the kind of sunglasses that block out only ultraviolet wavelengths?

Hopefully they’ll include sections on these issues in any future editions.

Good Health

Human beings are part of nature. All beings are governed by the Laws of Nature. When we abide by the Laws of Nature there would be peace and harmony. When we go against it, then, there would be chaos and disaster.

The deforestation and the emission of gases from industrialization have resulted in the green house effect on our Mother Earth.

Health is the most precious thing in life. without it, even with all the wealth in the world, one can never really enjoy life.

Research made by scientists shows that human beings could live to about 120 years. However today the average life span of mankind is only 60 to 70 years. This means that man only live half of the actual life span. More tragically, many people spent their last phase of this shortened life span in and out of hospital or bed-ridden because of illness.

Let’s look at the ills of modern living that contribute to the cause:

1]Water pollution – Effluence containing lead, mercury and other heavy metals discharged by chemical plants, weed killers, pesticides and fertilizers used onto the ground are polluting the ground water which we drink.

2]Air pollution – Emission from factories, automobiles, ashes and smog from open burning and forest fires, radioactive dusts and molecules from nuclear tests are relentlessly released into the air, which we breathe.

3]Pollution at homes and offices – Paints used in home and office furnishings, detergents and chemicals used are contaminating our homes and offices.

4]Toxins in food – Various colorings, preservatives, growth hormones, antibiotics and insecticides are found in meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables we consume everyday.

5]Drug induced diseases – The many drugs that are consumed everyday and the chemicals contained are found to have caused new diseases.

6]Bad habits and life styles – Excessive eating, alcohol, smoking and late nights have become part and parcel of modern living.

7]Stress – Family commitments, hectic social and business engagements, and complex interpersonal relationships are some of the contributing factors of stress.

These factors are taking a heavy toll on human health. Under existing living conditions, it has been estimated that an average adult would take in 3 to 5 kilograms of toxins and harmful substances coming from eating, breathing and through the skin in a year. This is the root for the alarming increase in the various types of disease and cancer today.

Since the appearance of mankind on earth, they had been collecting and eating plants for food. They discovered that some plants could alleviate ailments or cause it to disappear. Thus, the knowledge on the curative aspects of plants could be traced back to the existence of mankind.

China, especially, has a long history with vast and rich experience in the use of herbs for health care and treatment of illnesses. One of the earliest books and records on medicinal herbal plants was written more than 2,000 years ago in China. Traditionally Chinese medicine dates back to more than 5,000 years and the efficacy has been proven with time. The uniqueness of traditional Chinese medicine is in its formulation. When herbs are combined and balanced, the effect becomes synergistic. The wholesome goodness of Mother Nature should not be overlooked. The effect may be slow but it would not give rise to bad side effects.

For Good Health:

1]Drink a glass of fresh lemonade daily.

2]Mix together a little portion of fresh celery, carrot, wild bittergourd (without its seeds), Japanese cucumber, guava (with its seeds) or apple, potatoes and lemon’s juice and its skin; blend with water and drink it daily.

3] Excercise regularly.

This will give you good health.

Author: T.A Chew


Good Food Good Health – Anxiety and Stress

Hi Everyone

Anxiety is no stranger to any of us and in fact everyone needs to feel anxious sometimes, through this natural emotion the body enables a reaction which pumps adrenaline – the hormone stimulant into our systems.

Adrenaline is enormously important for spurring us on to do challenging and uncongenial tasks, helping us to cope with difficult situations.

Today, our lives seem to be ruled by constantly running from one emotional problem to the next, and unfortunately this is considered to be ‘normal’ life.

This is another excellent reason why good food resulting in good health has to be part of everybody’s everyday regime, helping our immune system tackle the stress and strains put on our bodies.

Normal anxiety has almost always a cause of which we are aware – such as an exam coming up or an important interview etc, and causes different amount of pressure depending on the individual.

It becomes problematic when apprehension or worry is experienced for no apparent reason or when situations are deemed far worse than warranted.

A great deal of how we deal with it depends on each individual and their outlook on life and character.

Even though anxiety is an emotional state, physical symptoms can be induced by it. Previously, it was believed that these symptoms were ‘all in the mind’, but it has been proven that some people really do feel pain and become ill from the effects.

The most common affect is of course the need to urinate frequently, of which I am sure we have all experienced, this is definitely myself before flying anywhere.

The most reported symptom of enduring anxiety is pain in the back, head, chest and abdomen. Some sufferers become nauseas and actually vomit. Diarrhoea, dizziness and muscular tension are also common problems.

In the worst cases panic attacks can sometimes occur which generally involve sweating profusely, palpitations and abnormally deep breathing.

For some chronic sufferers it is a vicious repeating cycle, as they can become stressed about being anxious, recurrent attacks that can happen over a period of years – this is known as chronic anxiety. In these cases medical attention should be sought.

Insomnia is another well-known side effect, and this again only adds to the stress felt by the sufferer by laying mulling over the problem that is causing concern, making the smallest of problem often seem a giant hurdle in life.

The best self-help to allow your body cope and keep good health under duress is to make sure you are eating good food. A diet rich in vegetables, raw fruit, salads and plenty of proteins will give you a good balance and help to keep your immune system on top.

Carrots, and especially carrot juice is believed to have a calming effect on the nervous system. Camomile tea is another favourite.

Many vitamins are said to help, Vitamins B and C are attributed to help in coping with anxiety and stress, functioning of the central nervous system is said to be improved with Vitamin E, and also calcium, magnesium and zinc minerals.

So by eating a varied nutritional diet these vitamins and minerals should be easy accessed for good food good health to be obtained, otherwise dietary supplements can be taken, but always check with your physician.

The other easy self-help method to try and overcome anxiety is breathing exercises. Controlled breathing exercises calm and relax you. Visualisation Therapy, which I use for relaxation, you will see how easy it is to use and how it can have amazing effects on yourself and your outlook on life.

Many people who suffer from anxiety often tend to dwell on fears and problems making them ill, instead of being positive and this really needs to be addressed. Try to adopt a positive attitude and be kind to yourself, although make sure you are not too indulgent.

Chocolate really does have that good feel factor and a little of what you fancy can be helpful, as so can a glass of wine lift your spirits, but using this as a crutch or using too much obviously has its own side effects.

Aromatherapy is another good mood enhancing remedy, as we all know nice smells lift our spirit and essential oils are a good way of achieving this.

A combination of lavender, sandalwood, clary sage and basil help with panic and anxiety, but if you suffer headache with your anxiety or even muscle tension add camomile and marjoram essential oils.

Why not try using these oils in a pot burner while having a relaxing bath to rid yourself of your daily anxieties.

Listening to music is another great method that helps us to relax, why not try listening to some on a personal stereo or MP3 whilst waiting for that appointment or whatever it is that has you feeling anxious.

Music that appeals to us generally lifts our mood, and sometimes by listening to ‘natural sound’ such as water, whales etc can have a beneficial effect.

Uncovering the root of your anxiety is necessary to help alleviate this problem and talking things through with a good friend can really help or in more severe cases a psychiatrist can be of assistance.

I feel that our outward look on life really does help or aggravate our fight with anxiety throughout our lives, and that by eating good food for good health and keeping a positive attitude can only help to fight the symptoms, maintaining a healthy immune system to keep our bodies in tip top condition

Sandra & Ted