The New Trend in Cutting Down Your Health Insurance Cost

There is no better time than now to get back into shape. Do you have extra time on your hands, in between jobs or just looking for ways to cut your medical expenses down, exercise and healthier eating is the answer. Your weight does matter and it is going to cost you a bundle in the future if you are over weight and unhealthy. I am an insurance agent and I can tell you that weight does matter. This issue applies to you, your spouse and children. If you decide to cut back on good nutrition in this economy it will cost you much more in the future.

The new trend that is on the for front in the insurance industry is prevention. You will notice more and more advertising in the media focusing on lower health cost for those of us who are choosing ways to prevent future health problems. Not only is weight an issue, but smoking and alcohol consumption are at the top of the list for future health related problems. The other problem with smoking is second hand smoke and the negative impact it has on your spouse and children. Children who breath second hand smoke are more likely to develop asthma as an adult or teenager and that is going to be costly.

We Americans do have a responsibility when it comes to our own health and our health insurance. Many of our health issues are brought on because of bad habits and bad behavior that we have developed over the years. Many of the pharmaceutical companies out there are making a huge profit on our own weakness to take care of ourselves. We eat too much and choose unhealthy food which in turn causes all kinds of medical expenses and medication to off set our obesity. We cause ourselves diabetes, vascular problems, cholesterol problems, sleeping issues, joint and muscle problems, heart attacks. If we are smokers we keep the cancer drugs in business, the chemo, radiation, CAT scans, PET scans, blood transfusions.

In many ways we have given up our control to the medial and pharmaceutical companies. We as Americans have to take it back. We have the power and the knowledge to get ourselves healthy and our children healthy. Stop eating fast food and buying soda for your children we are creating a generation of obese kids that are going to create a huge medial cost in the future. We have to make better choices and do what we can as Americans to get our health care under control. We have a voice and we have the right to get our health under control and our health policy under control and the time to start is now.

So get off that couch, throw that beer in trash and take your children out for a bike ride this weekend, or go to your market and pick out some fruit and vegetables and teach your kids how to cook healthy. Take control of your life you deserve it!

An Under Counter Water Filter Purifies Your Drinking And Cooking Water While Staying Out Of View

As water quality becomes more and more of an issue every day, the advantages of under counter water filters become clearer. Numerous studies indicate that tap water is generally inferior to filtered, and some of the main pollutants are the very things humans are introducing into the water supply.

Years ago the most common type of under counter water filters were those that used a reverse osmosis process, which filtered out minerals and other naturally occurring deposits. In more recent years, however, scientists have realized that those elements are actually a vital part of human health.

Under counter water filters that use a sedimentary system also fall short of the mark. This type of filtration removes sand and other large particulates which, while it is helpful, does not begin to address the problems wrought by humanly introduced chemicals such as chlorine, agricultural pesticides and fertilizers, and household cleansers.

The only type of under counter water filter that removes these harmful and potentially carcinogenic chemicals is the activated carbon filter. These filters are designed to trap the substances by bonding with them chemically. They are becoming more common and can even be found in the pitcher style systems. Ultimately, however, pitchers are cumbersome, more costly in the long run, and inconvenient. The under counter water filters, once installed, can be forgotten for six months before they need any time, attention, or labor. At that time, a simple, five minute process changes the filter and you’re good for six more months.

Using the under counter water filter is also a much cheaper and more effective solution than buying bottled water, too. Bottled water is only required to be as good as tap water, not better, so those who are buying bottled brands to protect their health and bodies are operating under a fiction that has been encouraged by the bottled water industry. Even the FDA and the National Resource Commission agree that bottled is no more than glorified tap water.

Under counter water filters require a little work to install, but no more than a few turns of the screw and tightening of the joints. They are designed to be simple, and they have improved so that they maintain good water pressure. Even with the cost of replacement filters, they cost less then ten cents per gallon of water, too.

Besides under counter water filters, shower water filters are another important addition to a family’s quality of life. The EPA has measured the amount of gaseous chlorine, called chloroform, and found that most households have a measurable amount of it in the air of the home. This is a known toxin and carcinogen, and it is known to dry skin, hair, and cause or aggravate asthma and other breathing difficulties.

Since our bodies are seventy percent water and since drinking water standards are unlikely to change anytime soon, it’s up to individuals to protect themselves and their families. An under counter water filter is an excellent solution. Quite simply, an activated carbon system is the most beneficial way of ensuring superior water quality as well as great taste.

The Secret of Easily Preventing Diverticulitis & Achieving Colon Health

Diverticulitis seems to be the new “Disease of the Year”, in the media. Everywhere you turn you’re hearing more doctors and medical studies say “More people in the world have either diverticulitis or diverticulosis than ever before!” But how many of them are telling you effective and easy ways to stop it? Certainly not many.

It’s time for a change, and it’s time for YOU to take control of your digestive health. However, in order for you to be fully in charge, you need to understand the facts. When you’re armed with what’s really going on, it makes it so much easier to reveal the easy change you can do to prevent this painful problem.

First, these intestinal changes don’t develop over night. Due to dietary habits, the problem takes a while to form, and then be noticed by the affected person.  Diverticulum are small pockets in the intestine wall which develop when the intestine has to work too hard to move food through it. The great strain causes these hazardous pockets to form. They can become infected, sore, or even break open and harm your health.
But why do they form? And why “now more than ever”?

It’s not your fault! Just look around at the foods readily available to everyone. They’re full of refined flour and there isn’t a lot of ‘whole grain’ that tastes delicious as an option for you. The combination of not enough liquid throughout the day, along with not enough soluble and insoluble fiber adds up to intestinal trouble.

Fiber is important for your health on many different levels. Once you understand the benefits of fiber, you can use it to combat many common problems! There are 5 main points to keep in mind.

Fiber that is incompletely or slowly digested promotes normal bowl function and treats constipation. This type of fiber also helps prevent diverticulosis and diverticulitis. It provides relief from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which is also on the rise.

Fiber-rich foods are processed more slowly by the body. This is a great benefit if you’re trying to lose weight! When foods process more slowly, you feel ‘satisfied’ or ‘full’ much faster than normal. This makes it easy to eat less at mealtime.

By packing in fiber, the food you eat is less calorically dense. The fiber fills you up, and performs its important roles, but ISNT absorbed by the body to turn into extra calories and fat.

Reduce your risk of colon cancer. When the food you eat has enough fiber in it, it does not spend very long in the intestines. Bile acid doesn’t get re-absorbed. Unwelcome bacteria don’t get a chance to ferment food in the intestines. Toxins don’t build up or have the opportunity to be absorbed into the body because everything “Keeps on moving”. Thirteen case-control studies were recently published on the use of fiber in the diet. They concluded with substantiated evidence that the risk of colorectal cancer in the USA could be decreased by 31% JUST by adding 13 grams more fiber each day. Easy to do? Just keep reading.

Cholesterol and blood glucose. Everyone knows about cholesterol levels, good and bad. There have been so many studies on it as a risk-factor for heart attacks and heart disease. There’s plenty you can do naturally to help lower cholesterol, but did you know getting enough fiber will help too? Soluble fiber has been proven to lower blood cholesterol levels.

But what about glucose? Glucose and insulin levels are important for preventing type-2 diabetes. Starchy foods, sugary drinks, and other modern-day diet options that convert quickly into sugars in the body spike insulin levels. These are hard on your body to digest…so you can give your system a break with fiber. Viscous fiber (that which appears like a gelatin) slows down the conversion of carbohydrates into sugars and helps normalize blood glucose levels.  

But if fiber is so beneficial, why isn’t anyone getting enough?

There’s plenty of fiber in apple peels, celery stalks, whole-grains like oat and flax…but these foods don’t always fit into what people think is delicious or convenient. “An apple a day…” is rarely practiced by anyone! What about fiber pills or powders? These can be expensive, gritty, or “Just another pill” among a handful that people already didn’t really want to choke down every day. Plus, with supplement pills or powders, the body misses out on important oils, micronutrients and anti-oxidants available in plant fiber sources.

What can YOU do about it?

The power to save yourself from this range of digestive maladies is now in your hands. Now that you have a basic understanding of what fiber can do for you, and how it works, it’s time to take easy action and get your health under your control.

What you need, are seeds!

Chia Seeds, to be exact. These seeds are loaded with soluble & insoluble fiber. In fact, it is their special type of fiber that allows the seeds to form a bead of gel on their exterior when exposed to liquid. The fibers trap more than THREE times the weight of the seed in water, and hold it close to the outside. What does this mean for you?

Easier digestion! The liquid clings to the seed, and is removed slowly throughout the digestive process. This keeps the colon hydrated, so it’s easy to move food.

Insoluble fiber is found in the seed’s outer coating. It’s this type of fiber that isn’t digested by the body and is sometimes called ‘roughage’. It acts like a ‘sweeper’ moving things along in the intestinal tract and preventing constipation.

Fiber isn’t the only thing…remember the above points? Chia Seeds have you covered on all five points. You can even literally see the viscous (appears like a gelatin or gummy) fibers on the outside when you make Chia gel. These help lower blood cholesterol and normalize blood glucose and insulin levels.

It’s time to feel full longer, reduce your cholesterol, and clean up any colon problems! Chia Seeds are incredibly easy to use. They have no flavor of their own, so you can add them to anything you already like to eat. If they are allowed to hydrate in a liquid food (like yogurt, juice or cola) they will take on the flavor of that food. In cooking, because of their ability to distribute flavors, they can actually make the food more flavorful!

A tablespoon of Chia a day is generally what most people require. Chia seeds are incredibly safe and simple to use, so you don’t need to worry about having too much. The seeds also contain essential micro-nutrients, omega 3 healthy oils and b-vitamins. No fiber substitute can do all of that, while tasting as great and being as versatile as Chia. When you add Chia to your meals, you’re guaranteeing that you and your family are getting the fiber your body requires.
NOW is the time to take control of your digestive health, and the easiest answer is Chia.

Natural Health – Under Your Toes – Organic Lawns, Safe Beaches

I love going barefoot, especially in the summer.

Summertime is an invitation for all of us to connect our uncovered feet with our favorite terrain.

Whether it’s using our toes to pull up blades of grass or wiggling our feet in sandy beaches – there is a pleasurable, intimate, and healthy connection that we make with the earth. . . unless it’s tainted with unhealthy bacteria or chemicals.

It is not easy to know where to safely put our bare feet, except in our own controlled environment like our back yards.

Public places are especially difficult to know unless they have the good sense to let people know if the area has been treated with something or if the area is unsafe.

Beaches can have high levels of undesirable bacteria (usually e.coli) and we might not know it until the municipality closes it down. Water can be unsafe for swimming and unnatural bacteria can affect the shoreline and the sand.

Many lawns and public grassy areas can be loaded with chemicals to kill weeds and make the grass grow greener and thicker. Sometimes we are forewarned with little white flags bearing the universal NO symbol over icons of pets and children. In other words – “the chemicals placed on the lawn are harmful”.

I am much more aware of this now that I have my dog Prin whom I walk in neighborhoods and parks. I appreciate those little white flags because I know when to stay away. I love seeing grassy areas that have weeds and clover where I know I can safely let Prin and my bared feet run loose.

I’ve been reading about organic lawn care. Although I have a natural lawn care service that is pesticide and chemical free, I know from my experience with essential oils and eating cultured foods that there are a variety of ways that we can “let nature take care of nature”.

At the Young Living Farms out in Mona, Utah, where acres and acres of organic farming abound, we can witness goats eating weeds. There is a secret recipe of essential oils specifically for killing bugs and weeds which is called the “ho, ho, ho” formula. If any of you HSL readers out there who are YL fanatics like me know what is in this formula – please email me. I actually don’t think it is a secret recipe – I believe YL would be very open to sharing this – but for some reason it has picked up that reputation.

Now most of us aren’t about to go out and buy goats, but we might consider composting (compost is a mixture of varying decaying organic substances used for fertilizing soil.

Organic landscapers and professional lawn care companies who are using natural mixtures of compost teas and potions of good bacteria are “sprouting up” in various areas.

A 2004 survey from the National Gardening Association showed that 5% of us are using organic means for fertilizers, and weed and insect control. They expect that number to double to 10% by 2009.

Tips for organic lawn care:

–Let your grass grow higher (3 ” blades)
–Twice a year mow low (2 “)
–Leave grass clippings on lawn
–Water between 12:00 midnight and 8 AM every few days

–Weed control:
—-Over-seed the lawn in the spring
—-Pull weeds by hand, or use a fish-tail weeder
—-Spot-treat weeds with an equal mix of vinegar and water
—-Re-seed bare areas where weeds have been pulled.

–Attract or purchase natural enemies:
—-Lure birds with sunflowers and zinnias
—-Buy ladybugs at a garden supply store
—-Get a toad for your garden

Tips to help keep our beaches clean:

–Report pollution sources
–Be a responsible beachgoer – bring trash bags
–Don’t feed the birds or other animals
–Don’t empty waste in water if boating