The New Trend in Cutting Down Your Health Insurance Cost

There is no better time than now to get back into shape. Do you have extra time on your hands, in between jobs or just looking for ways to cut your medical expenses down, exercise and healthier eating is the answer. Your weight does matter and it is going to cost you a bundle in the future if you are over weight and unhealthy. I am an insurance agent and I can tell you that weight does matter. This issue applies to you, your spouse and children. If you decide to cut back on good nutrition in this economy it will cost you much more in the future.

The new trend that is on the for front in the insurance industry is prevention. You will notice more and more advertising in the media focusing on lower health cost for those of us who are choosing ways to prevent future health problems. Not only is weight an issue, but smoking and alcohol consumption are at the top of the list for future health related problems. The other problem with smoking is second hand smoke and the negative impact it has on your spouse and children. Children who breath second hand smoke are more likely to develop asthma as an adult or teenager and that is going to be costly.

We Americans do have a responsibility when it comes to our own health and our health insurance. Many of our health issues are brought on because of bad habits and bad behavior that we have developed over the years. Many of the pharmaceutical companies out there are making a huge profit on our own weakness to take care of ourselves. We eat too much and choose unhealthy food which in turn causes all kinds of medical expenses and medication to off set our obesity. We cause ourselves diabetes, vascular problems, cholesterol problems, sleeping issues, joint and muscle problems, heart attacks. If we are smokers we keep the cancer drugs in business, the chemo, radiation, CAT scans, PET scans, blood transfusions.

In many ways we have given up our control to the medial and pharmaceutical companies. We as Americans have to take it back. We have the power and the knowledge to get ourselves healthy and our children healthy. Stop eating fast food and buying soda for your children we are creating a generation of obese kids that are going to create a huge medial cost in the future. We have to make better choices and do what we can as Americans to get our health care under control. We have a voice and we have the right to get our health under control and our health policy under control and the time to start is now.

So get off that couch, throw that beer in trash and take your children out for a bike ride this weekend, or go to your market and pick out some fruit and vegetables and teach your kids how to cook healthy. Take control of your life you deserve it!